The following legislation was sponsored and passed by Senator Judith Zaffirini. Click here to view legislation passed prior to 2007.

81st Legislature (2009):

SB 1795
Runoff Election Reports: Clarifies current statutory language relating to the procedures to be followed by political committees in a runoff election and requires a political committee to file an “eight day runoff election report” regardless of whether the political committee participated in the initial election. (House Sponsor: Rep. Aaron Pena, D-Hidalgo); Effective 9/1/09.

SB 1807
Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) – Sworn Complaints: Authorizes the TEC to utilize email when processing sworn complaints filed with the TEC. (House Sponsor: Rep. Aaron Pena, D- Hidalgo); Effective 6/19/09.

HB 1493
Cellular Devices in Polling Places: Allows employees at a facility used as a polling location to use a wireless communication device (cell phone) in the normal course of their job duties. (House author: Rep. Tracy King, D-Eagle Pass); Effective 5/27/09.

HB 3216
Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) Bill: Requires the TEC to immediately attempt by electronic mail or telephone to notify the respondent of a complaint filed with the TEC and to send written notification to the complainant and respondent no later than the fifth business day after the complaint is filed. (House author: Rep. Elliot Naishtat D-Austin); Effective 6/19/09.

HB 3218
Filing of Sworn Complaints with the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC): Requires that a complaint filed with the TEC be filed on a standardized form and provide certain information. Requires the TEC to provide the complainant with written notification should the TEC determine that the complaint does not comply with the form requirements. (House author: Rep. Elliot Naishtat D-Austin); Effective 6/19/09.

HB 3922
Notification Sent by the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC): Authorizes the TEC to provide notice of filing deadlines via email to individuals who are required to file campaign finance reports. (House author: Rep. Aaron Peña D-Hidalgo); Effective 6/19/09.

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